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Lord of the Golden Triangle Part 3

In the shade of a flowering vine I sit to listen as the people tell me their stories of Khun-Sa. The elders who knew him personally speak with a reverence hard to comprehend.

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Meaning no disrespect, they remind me of a dog that gets kicked by its master and yet returns time and again with nothing but love and admiration proving also that high among their attributes is loyalty. They are simple people, without guile, agenda, or even dreams. For them life is daily repetitive labor and when you are born into that, dreams rarely have time to grow.

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By their actions, these people have turned the story of a man into myth and legend that will only grow larger with each telling. In , under international pressure, Khun-Sa offered to sell his entire annual crop to the United States and Australia together for a combined price of 50 million dollars that would effectively eliminate the street market for heroin in both countries, and indirectly amounted to a subsidy for not peddling his product on the open market. Australia turned down the offer saying it did not deal with criminals.

The entire day has seemed almost ceremonial and I wonder how often such obeisance is paid to this deceased legend. Was it staged just for me?

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I did not get that feeling. No one knew I was coming or when. I think I was simply an excuse for a spontaneous outpouring of affection or maybe just a day off from the drudgery of working in the field. Maybe they revere this man because he came from among them or maybe they just need something larger than themselves to get them through each day. Khun-Sa's Army recruits in Creative Commons photo by Patricia W. This offer was also turned down.

Drugs Kingpin Extradited for Mekong Murders

In an interview given that year he claimed his personal army to be 31, strong, but fearing extradition under his New York indictment, Khun-Sa fled to Yangon where he surrendered to Burmese authorities but was never arrested. The assault led to the establishment of multinational armed police patrols along the Mekong River in December, headquartered in the sleepy Chinese port of Guanlei, and the formation of a Chinese special investigative unit tasked to hunt down Naw Kham.

On April 28, after the Chinese unit and its Burmese and Laotian counterparts raided some of his hideouts and arrested several associates, Naw Kham apparently crossed from Burma into Laos by boat to negotiate with Laotian authorities on how to evade arrest there. But the Laotian police arrested the party as soon as they docked at the pier.

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Armed with rifles and guns, they surrendered after several warning shots were fired, according to the Chinese account released on Friday. However, the Bangkok Post quoted a Thai security source in April who claimed that Naw Kham, his Laotian right-hand man Tao Maitaeng and six other collaborates were captured during a raid in Bokeo Province.

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At 2 pm the Chinese delegation left by plane with Naw Kham for Beijing, where they arrived two hours later. Khun Sa died on 26 October in Yangon at the age of The cause of death was not known, though he had suffered from diabetes, partial paralysis and high blood pressure. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Contents [ show ]. Burma in revolt: opium and insurgency since Asian Silkworm Press.

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